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Answer for question 4584.

How was the year 2015 for you -- what was the most important thing that happened to you this year? With 2016 about to dawn on us, what things are you looking forward to (or dreading) the most about the new year? If you make resolutions at this time of year, how good are you at keeping them as time goes by?
As far as I'm concerned, just making it to the end of 2015 makes the year a success. Nothing major happened good or bad. 2 days into 2016 things are going ok. It's pretty cold here, El Paso, and we haven't seen the sun yet, this year. That's kind of unusual for us ... they don't call us the Sun City for nothing. I've finally learned that making a resolution is the kiss of death for said resolution. Although I have decided to try to make a commitment to posting things to my LJ page this year, seems silly to have a page with nothing on it. We'll see how that goes. I'm not promising myself anything.

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