So much for my commitment to post.

Well, I see that, as usual, I'm falling down on the job.  I was going to post regularly ... ha!

I do need to reduce my stress, frustration, and depression regarding new eye glasses.  Late last year Crystal Optical, the eye glass store love of my life, closed.  Emmit and Marie, the owners felt the need to retire and move to Mississippi.  I am definitely in mourning.  I wondered in their door at least 30 years ago after visiting more stores then I can count, looking for glasses that actually fit my face.  It was a losing battle everywhere I went.  I have a small face and need small frames.  Most places don't carry anything smaller then a size 47.  45 is perfect for me.  They would usher me to their children's section.  Lovely.  Pink Polka dots, Orange Stripes, or Purple glitter.  What a choice.  

Emmit took me through his whole store, helping me try on anything and everything.  We found 3 different frames that I liked, of course they were too big, but he went back to his office, discovered they made these frames in size 45 and promptly ordered all three.  I was able to pick the one I liked best, I actually picked out 2 of them, and we ordered my glasses.  He has treated me like this every day since.  Talk about being spoiled.  Now that I'm having to find another place, I am discovering just how sweet a man he really was.  I'm sad to say I may have taken him for granted. 

I walk into a place and they tell me, "what you see is what you get".  The only truly small frames are in the children's section.  These days, they have more frames for kids that are like the adult frames but, of course, now I have a whole different problem.  The area that holds the lens has to be a bit bigger then children's frames because of my personal prescription.  Bifocals and very, very, strong prescription.  They just don't work in a real tiny space and they don't make kids frames with a large enough area.  

Also most places won't use my frames because they didn't sell them to me.  Buy their frames once and then they'll use them a couple of times.  I have spent the last 3 months looking for a place and not liking either the stores or the people.  Yep, I've been spoiled.  Crap, I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and pick one.  Next week, for sure.  I'm not looking forward to it.  I guess I'm just going to have to "man up", or "pull up my big girl panties", or whatever.  


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