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Saw on Spikesgirl

I enjoy these, and I'm going to try to post regularly.

1.What shows you watching these days?

Not much.  I'm trying the new show Manifest. Also the second season of Mars on Nat Geo.

2. Are you still into fandomy things? (Creating or consuming fanfic, fanvids, etc.)

No.  The last fan fiction I read on a regular basis was Stargate SG1.  That was a long time ago.  It's the original reason I started coming to LJ.

3. Even if you're not doing fandom, what are your ships these days?

In the Avengers universe I would like to see Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff get together.  I think they make a cute couple.  Also in the movie Suicide Squad, I love the love that Harley and The Joker have for each other.

4. Instagram?


5. Any major life things happening in the past couple of years?

A couple of things actually.  My husband has been confined (mostly) to a wheelchair for his back since 2002.  For the past 10 years he has been taking a powerful Opioid for the pain.  In Sept. he decided to stop cold turkey.  After 3 days he conceded that he needed help.  He was taking 30 mg per day.  In Sept they reduced it to 20 mg per day and in October to 15 mg.  A few days ago they reduced it again to 10 mg per day.  He's doing real well.  I'm so proud of him.

I am scheduled on Dec. 5th to have the first surgery for cateracts.  I'm excited and scared.  It's very necessary, though.  This year my eyes have deterioted at an alarming rate.  By the new year I expect to be able to actually see.  What a refief.

6. Do you still post on LJ? (I'm going to set up notifications for those of you who answer in the affirmative so I get reminders to come and look at what you're up to!)

I've never really posted much.  I am going to try, even though I remember saying that last year.  This year for sure.

7. GIF ME.

8. What are you reading these days?

The new David Weber Honor Harrington novel.

9. Show me a picture!

This was many years ago, right here in El Paso.  Luckily, we don't have this kind of snow event anymore.  Knock on wood.

10. What's your current anthem? (Or band/singer, whatever.)

Not a particular song or artist, but mostly 60's and 70's music.  I am firmly locked in the past.

11. What's the last movie you watched (that's worth talking abouts)?

I just watched The Incredibles 2 and loved it. 

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