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The official "stay at home" order

Yep, it's here.  STAY AT HOME.  Like I haven't been doing that for years now.  Of course, as will happen, I don't want to stay at home right now.  Why is that always the case?  On the plus side, the streets are freaking empty.  Even the highway, which I usually steer clear of.  Right now, I can get from here to there and back again, very quickly.

We've been getting "emergency alerts" for over a week now.  They've been about the virus, wash your hands, stay home or at least 6 feet away from others, cough into your elbow, or about what steps the city, county, state, country is taking to insure our safety, and oh yeah, wash your hands, stay home ... all of this in English.  Please stay on the line and press one that you've heard.  Thank you.  Then, maybe five minutes later, we get it again, in Mexican.  Then, we get it all again on my cell.  Then, we get it again on the TV.  Also the radio.  I know this is all necessary, but it does get a wee bit tiring.  This morning, however, we got an emergency alert that about 200 miles east of us was a 5.0 magnitude earthquake.  Holly cow, this I was not prepared for.  We didn't feel a thing, even though they said we might have felt slight tremors. 

My son was coming home from the Houston area April 9th for a week, but they have the same Stay At Home order so he's going to change his flights and come later in the year.  I admit I'm not unhappy about that.  I think someone would have to pay me a whole lot of money to get on an airplane right now.  The enclosed environment, to me, makes getting on a plane a very bad idea. 

The VA is in the process of switching some of our appointments to phone calls instead of in person visits.  A very good idea, although there is a lab appointment on Monday.  Hubby wants to keep this one, so we'll just try to get in and out as quickly as possible. 

The commissary has MP's stationed at the front doors and at both ends of each isle.  Over the weekend, apparently, there were fights.  It was crowded, shelves were emptying quickly, and there were very long lines.  I've been in several stores, including the commissary, over the last several weeks and I've seen none of this.  I am grateful.  
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