December 29th, 2011

Writer's Block: Bare necessities

My Kindle.  Absolutely, number one.

My PC.  I think I'd go crazy without it.  I go through withdrawal when the internet                 goes down.  And it's not just for fun.  All my banking is done online, all mine and my husbands meds are ordered online.

My car.  Must be able to go where ever and whenever I want.

Name three things you can’t live without.


I am having a MOST frustrating day.  I just got my AT&T statement and there's a call on it that I didn't make.  I've tried calling several times but the automated voice keeps telling me there's a long wait and why don't I go online because most problems can be quickly and easily handled online.  

Finally, I decide to try online.  First I have to register.  Ok, I can do that.  Btw, I'm still holding for someone on the phone, I figure, whichever happens first.  Then I'm told, online, that I need an online registration code ... they'll call me or send it to me in the mail.  Fine, I have to hang up and let them call.  Takes them almost 30 minutes to call with the code.  I finally get registered and after sifting through what I'm sure is the entire website, I come to a page that tells me if I have a billing problem, CALL THEM !!!!!!  

Ok, now I just want to kick something.  The only thing stopping me is the thought of a trip to the emergency room.  

I am now back on hold.  Surprise, surprise. Hubby is walking around the house saying,

"both of our agents are currently helping another customer" ...

deep sigh ... he's probably right, but this time, they are not beating me or discouraging me.  I will hold until they answer or hang up on me.  Thank God for cordless phones.

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