chocobell1212 (chocobell1212) wrote,

Answer for question 4560.

How much do you try to be frugal, and what are your tips for doing so? What methods do you use to try to save a bit of money when you can (coupon clipping, stocking up, re-purposing things to reuse them, etc)? What's the greatest "deal" you've ever gotten on something?
I use Ziploc bags for leftovers and when I've used the leftover I use the bag to throw away stuff that I can't put down the disposal. I hate a smelly trash can. The bags from the grocery store for the fresh veges I use for cleaning my cat's litter box. When we make homemade soups and stews I make enough for a couple of more meals and freeze them. I have a credit card that I use for gas on the army post I live by. I get 5 cents per gallon off ... it really adds up. I pay off my credit card every month because I absolutely hate to pay finance charges.

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