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Be Proud - Wear Pink
This Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life.
Answer for question 4560. 
3rd-Dec-2015 01:38 am
Be Proud - Wear Pink
How much do you try to be frugal, and what are your tips for doing so? What methods do you use to try to save a bit of money when you can (coupon clipping, stocking up, re-purposing things to reuse them, etc)? What's the greatest "deal" you've ever gotten on something?
I use Ziploc bags for leftovers and when I've used the leftover I use the bag to throw away stuff that I can't put down the disposal. I hate a smelly trash can. The bags from the grocery store for the fresh veges I use for cleaning my cat's litter box. When we make homemade soups and stews I make enough for a couple of more meals and freeze them. I have a credit card that I use for gas on the army post I live by. I get 5 cents per gallon off ... it really adds up. I pay off my credit card every month because I absolutely hate to pay finance charges.
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